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Home Cinema with Perforated Fabric (16:9)/SG Audio Visual: SG, T, Series, 2.2m, wide, 100, 16:9, electric, tensioned, acoustic, screen,

SG T Series 2.2m wide 100" 16:9 electric tensioned acoustic screen

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The T series are our advanced tab-tensioned acoustic screen range. The T series range features a commercial gauge screen surface which is acoustically transparent allowing sound to pass through the screen surface without disrupting the image. This thicker vinyl surface and tab-tensioning provides a flat viewing surface.

These SG T Series Acoustic Front Projection Tensioned Electric Screens are 16:9 home theatre format and the perfect choice where there are speakers behind the screen surface or where there is a need for side tab-tensioning for improved screen rigidity and flatness. We also recommend this screen where there are air-conditioning outlets impacting the screen surface.

Screen Size
The vinyl is 2.2m wide by 1.24m and the overall width of the screen housing is approximately 2.4m wide.

Screen Surface
All T series front projection screens use commercial grade matte white screen fabric.
The screen surface is matt White (Matt white according to DIN 19045 Type D) and has a lightproof black back. The screen has a gain factor of 1.2 and has a 5cm black border.

Housing and Motor
The T series feature a quality tube motor for even retraction. The housing is off-white to seamlessly blend into most rooms. The T series housing also feature an adjustable mounting system to allow positioning of the mounting points on wall studs or ceiling joists.

Remote Control
This modern screen connects to a normal power point on the right hand side. The screen includes an up/down/stop control built into the power cord and also a RF wireless remote control. Additional wireless and remote control options are available.

Installation Notes
Suitable for wall and ceiling installation.
Easy to Install – Flexible mounting system. The screen mounts may be installed to match with studs or joists.

Warranty and Spare Parts
1 year warranty against defects in materials & workmanship. Spare parts are maintained in our Australian warehouse

Last updated: Tuesday, 19 January 2021


1 year Year Warranty