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Rear Projection/SG Audio Visual: SG, T, Series, 2.4m, wide, 111, 16:10, electric, tensioned, rear, projection, screen,

SG T Series 2.4m wide 111" 16:10 electric tensioned rear projection screen

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The TR series are our advanced tab-tensioned rear projection screen range. The TR series range features a commercial gauge silver grey screen surface which is translucent allowing the image to be projected from the rear and viewed from the front. Tab-tensioning provides a flat viewing surface essential for rear projection.

SG TR Series Rear Projection Tensioned Electric Screens are the perfect choice for rear projection in a commercial environment. They are particularly suitable for shop window video presentations where the screen can be retracted when not required. This has significant advantages to alternate Window film technology and is a cost-effective choice.

Screen Size
The viewing area is 2370mm wide by 1530mm and the overall width of the screen housing is 2840mm wide x 100mm deep and 100mm high.
Power cord is located on the right hand side when viewing from the front
Screen Surface
All T series rear projection screens use commercial grade fabric. The screen surface is silver grey. The screen has a gain factor of 1.2.

Housing and Motor
The T series feature a quality tube motor for even retraction. The housing is off-white to seamlessly blend into most rooms. The T series housing also feature an adjustable mounting system to allow positioning of the mounting points on wall studs or ceiling joists.

Remote Control
This modern screen connects to a normal power point on the right hand side. The screen includes an up/down/stop control built into the power cord and also a RF wireless remote control. Additional wireless and remote control options are available.

Installation Notes
Suitable for wall and ceiling installation.
Easy to Install – Flexible mounting system. The screen mounts may be installed to match with studs or joists.

Warranty and Spare Parts
1 year warranty against defects in materials & workmanship. Spare parts are maintained in our Australian warehouse

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1 year Year Warranty