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Front And Rear/SG Audio Visual: SGAV, FP, Series, 4m, wide, 186, 16:10, Portable, Fast-Fold, Screen, with, Front, And, Rear, Surface,

SGAV FP Series 4m wide 186" 16:10 Portable Fast-Fold Screen with Front And Rear Surface

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SGFPH400      186” FP Series 16:10 format Commercial Grade Fast-fold Folding Portable Screen with Front and Rear Surface


FP Series Commercial Grade Fast-fold Folding Screens

SG Audio Visual FP Series are the latest generation of larger foldable screens designed for halls, conference venues and outdoor cinema. The FP series range features commercial grade flexible screen surfaces with press-studs, a quality height-adjustable frame with fly-points and an improved road case.

Commercial Grade Flexible Screen Surface

The flexible surface is designed to be folded and stretched. This ensures a taught, flat projection screen surface for a better viewing experience.

The FP Series is available with either a front projection surface, rear projection surface or with both front and rear projection surfaces. A separate dual projection surface is also available on some models

Quality Frame

The FP series frame is based upon the latest click-frame system for a strong and durable frame which is easily assembled. The 3.2cm tube alloy frame also comes with sturdy, removable legs. If legs are not required the screen may be suspended using ring-bolts attached to fly-points in the frame. Without the legs the FP series may be suspended either in landscape or portrait via fly points (ringbolts) built into the frame.




Road Case

The FP Series is designed to be portable and comes with a quality road case.

Screen Dimensions

This fast-fold portable projection screen is perfect for indoor or outdoor use for groups of around 50-80 people. The 16:10 wide format is designed to be used for a combination of presentations and video.


This 186” FP Series 16:10 format screen is 4m wide and 2.58m high. After allowing for the 10cm border the projected image is 3.8m by 2.38m


This model comes with both a white front projection surface with black backing and a grey translucent rear projection surface. Each surface may be attached via press-studs to the aluminium alloy frame.  This allows you to position the projector either in front of the screen or behind the screen depending upon the site.


The screen legs can be removed or adjusted to raise the screen to an approximate total height of between 3.16m and 3.25m





This screen is covered by a one year manufacturer warranty.

SG Audio Visual Product Specification



186” Premium Fastfold Portable Screen

for Indoor and Outdoor Use





Recommended Use

Perfect professional portable projector screen for outdoor and venue use in conjunction with any 16:10 (WUXGA) wide format projector. The 16:10 format is designed to match with the native aspect ratio of most high lumen projectors and is suitable for mixed use including presentations and video.



Suitable for 4K and WUXGA projection.



Screen Surface









Viewing Angle


Front Projection

Matt White flexible fabric with lightproof backing


165 degrees

No. Black Backing

Rear Projection

Grey Rear fabric optimised for viewing from front


165 degrees


Dual Projection

White Dual projection fabric providing an image on both the front and the rear.


150 Degrees


Overall Surface

W: 400cms

H: 258cms

Diag: 190 inches


Viewable Surface

W: 380cms

H: 238cms

Diag: 176 inches









Aluminium alloy



Housing Profile


Fly Points

3 on long side and 2 on short side.

Max Height

Max Height : 3247mm , Min Height 3161mm

Frame Thickness



52kg Gross  /  39Kg  Net


Road Case



1160 x 310 x 640mm (L x W x H)




Standard Warranty

1 year on frame. Surface is replaceable option.

Extended warranty

1 additional year available



Specifications are subject to change without notice                                                                    Ver 1.0 Feb 21

Last updated: Thursday, 23 May 2024


1 year Year Warranty