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Outdoor/SG Audio Visual: SG, 3.0m, wide, Water, Resistant, Low, Voltage, and, Battery, operated, Borderless, Electric, screen,

SG 3.0m wide Water Resistant Low Voltage and Battery operated Borderless Electric screen

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SGEWS300S   3.0m wide Water-Resistant Low Voltage and Battery operated Borderless Electric screen

for Indoor or Outdoor use



SG EW Series Water-Resistant Low Voltage / Battery operated Borderless Electric screen

The SG Audio Visual EW series are water-resistant screens using a low voltage power supply and battery.

The screens may be operated by battery or connected to a low voltage power adapter for safer operation indoors or outdoors. Either leave the power adapter connected or charge the screen then disconnect the power and operate on battery. Perfect for caravans, backyard cinema, poolside installation and more.

The EW series screens are borderless with grey high contrast fabric meaning they may be used with any projection format and in areas with moderate ambient light. The low voltage/battery operation, water resistant housing and the UV resistant surface means that the screens may be installed outdoors under cover.

The borderless design means that the screen may be lowered to stopped at any position and any format image may be displayed on the screen.  Supports all projectors and image formats including 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 and square.

The unique projector screen housing is black and features water resistant switches.


Screen Surface

The EW Series features a water and UV resistant matte grey 3000D polyester woven fabric with a PVC lamination.

This high contrast grey fabric is compatible with 4K and 1080p projectors.

The surface is borderless allowing multiple projection formats to be used.


Screen Housing

The unique EW screen housing features a low-voltage rechargeable battery to allow the screen to operate via remote control without permanent power connection.

The housing itself is black and water resistant. The screen may be operated without the remote control from the buttons on the end of the screen.

The housing includes a built-in L shaped mounting bracket at each end of the screen to allow the screen to be mounted on the ceiling or a wall.


Charging the Screen

The screen can operate on battery or with the low voltage charger connected. A wireless remote control is included.


Screen Dimensions

This EW series screen is m 2.6m wide in a borderless universal square format (ie 3.0m * 3.0m).  This format provides a 136” image in 16:9 or 140” image in 16:10 or 167” image in a square format. The screen may be brought down to any drop to match the projection format.

The overall width of the screen is approximately 3.0m and the housing is rectangular (10cms * 10cms)



The EW screen comes with a 12 months warranty with an optional additional 12 months.

SG Audio Visual Product Specification



3.0m wide Water-Resistant Low Voltage and Battery operated Borderless Electric screen

for Indoor or Outdoor use




Recommended Use

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Water resistant housing and low voltage system means this is a good solution in outdoor areas.


Suitable for 4K and WUXGA projection.

Suitable for all projectors including ultrashort projectors.


Screen Surface



Grey Polyester woven fabric with 0.85 gain with 165 degree viewing angle.

Overall Surface

W: 300cms

H: 300cms

Diag: 167” (1:1), 140” (16:10), 136” (16:9)

Viewable Surface

W: 300cms

H: 300cms

Diag: 167” (1:1), 140” (16:10), 136” (16:9)







Aluminium alloy



Housing Profile


Housing Dimensions

W: 8.6cms

H: 10.9cms

L: 307.2 cms


22kg Gross  /  19.3kgs  Net


Electrical and Control


Wireless Remote

RF remote included.

Wireless Wall Switch



Standard. Download app with voice control options.

Low voltage Control

Standard. Control cable is optional


Premium tube motor

Motor location

Left Hand side


220V~240V, 50Hz, Power cord 2m (Removable)




Standard Warranty

2 years

Extended warranty

1 additional year available

Last updated: Thursday, 30 November 2023


2 years Year Warranty