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Rear Projection/SG Audio Visual: SG, ET, Series, 121”, 2.6m, Wide, 16:10, Tensioned, Rear, Intelligent, Electric, screen,

SG ET Series 121” 2.6m Wide 16:10 Tensioned Rear Intelligent Electric screen

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SG Audio Visual Product Specification



121” Tensioned Rear Projection Electric screen

for Business and Education





Recommended Use

Perfect for medium-sized rooms (at least 3m wide and 4m long). Grey Rear Projection fabric allow the projector to be positioned behind the screen and the image to be viewed from the front.



Suitable for 4K and WUXGA projection.

Suitable for all projectors including ultrashort projectors.


Screen Surface



Translucent Grey fabric with 1.5 gain and 165 degree viewing angle.

Overall Surface

W: 260cms

H: 163cms

Diag: 121 inches

Viewable Surface

W: 244cms

H: 153cms

Diag: 115 inches

Black Leader

50 cms top adjustable via limit control


6.5cms left and 6.5cms right





Aluminium alloy



Housing Profile

Rectangular with curve on front face

Housing Dimensions

W: 8.6cms

H: 10.9cms

L: 279.6 cms


25kg Gross  / 20.7kgs  Net


Electrical and Control


Wireless Remote

RF remote included.

Wireless Wall Switch

RF wall switch included


Standard. Download app with voice control options.

Low voltage Control

Standard. Control cable is optional


Premium tube motor

Motor location

Left Hand side


220V~240V, 50Hz, Power cord 2m (Removable)




Standard Warranty

2 years

Extended warranty

1 additional year available




SGETH260R    121” 16:10 format ET Series Rear Electric Projector Screen (2.6m * 1.63m)


ET Premium Ceiling Recessed Screens

SG Audio Visual ET Series intelligent projection screens are commercial grade side-tensioned electric screens. There are models with either an ALR grey surface, CLR surface or rear projection surface. The side tensioning system keeps the screen surface flat and provides for even retraction of the surface into the

housing. The ET series also features an aluminium alloy housing, intelligent control system and premium tube motor. The system is supplied with remote control, wireless wall-switch and power cable and supports wi-fi control via a mobile phone app.

Screen Surface

The translucent grey rear projection surface is based upon PVC with a 1.5 gain and a wide 165 degree viewing angle.

Screen Dimensions

This 121” ET Series 16:10 format screen has a 2.6m wide grey ALR surface with an overall drop of up to 1.94m including the 50cm black leader. The ALR grey surface is recommended where there is significant ambient light in the room and should be matched with a brighter 16:10 projector.


After allowing for the 6.5cm black border the image size supported is approximately 2.44m * 1.53m. The slimline housing is only 13.5cms wide including the flange and 10.9cms high and the screen has an overall length of 2.8m.


We would normally recommend this screen for a medium sized meeting room at least 3.5m wide and 4.5m deep.


This model is not suitable for ultra-short projectors.



Intelligent Control System



Wireless Wall Switch and Remote Control

Each ET Series screen ships with both a wireless remote control and a wireless wall switch. The wireless wall switch provides easy installation of a switch to control the projector screen without the need for additional cabling.


Wi-Fi control


The intelligent control system also supports wireless IP control via the Smart Life app and a phone or tablet with additional voice control support via most smart speakers including Google Nest and Alexa. 


Other Control Options

Standard control is via RF remote control and RF wall switch or Wi-Fi.

Optional control components include IR remote control, 5V low voltage wired switches and 12V cables and connectors for serial (RS485) connection to control systems, PCs and projectors (via trigger port).



Housing and Mounting Brackets

The ET Series features a slimline white Aluminium alloy housing with a curved front face


The side-tensioning system is retracted within the housing so that only part of the weight bar is visible.












The ET series floating mount system allows the L Shaped brackets to be positioned at any point along the rear/top of the housing providing a highly flexible mounting solution.



This product comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Last updated: Monday, 15 July 2024


2 years Year Warranty



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