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Square and Standard (4:3)/SG Audio Visual: SG, Professional, A, Series, Electric, Screen, 150, 4:3, format, (3.0m, *, 2.25m),

SG Professional A Series Electric Screen 150" 4:3 format (3.0m * 2.25m)

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SG Professional Electric Screen A Series 150" - Standard (Video) 4:3 format.

The A series are our most advanced and durable screens. The A series range features a commercial gauge screen surface. This thicker vinyl surface is also heavier and as such provides a flatter viewing surface. The extra thickness of the screen surface makes the A series the appropriate choice where durability and damage resistance is important.

This screen is perfect for PC-based presentations and general purpose video use in a larger sized room. Suitable for boardroom, general office or home use with a multi-purpose data projector. This size is approximately floor to ceiling in a room with standard 2.4m (8ft) high ceilings. This is our largest L Series screen.

Screen Size
Screen surface (viewable area including 5cm border) area is 300cms by 225cms.
The housing is slimline white and measures 9cms by 9cms.
Overall width of screen including housing with motor is 315cms.
The Screen weighs 22kgs
150" size refers to the diagonal of the screen surface expressed in inches

Screen Surface
The screen surface is matt White (Matt white according to DIN 19045 Type D) and has a lightproof black back. The screen has a gain factor of 1.2 and has a 5cm black border

Housing and motor
The screen features a heavy duty metal case in white and a synchronous motor driving device which is free to stop at any position.

Remote Control
This modern screen connects to a normal power point. The screen includes an up/down/stop control built into the power cord and also a RF wireless remote control.

Installation Notes
Suitable for wall and ceiling installation.
Easy to Install - Normally only 4 screws required.
The power point should be located on the left hand side of the screen when facing the screen.In many offices the power point may already exist aboive the ceiling tiles.
The screen includes a mounting bracket built into each end of the housing. These brackets are used for both direct ceiling and direct wall mounting. Two screws at each end are used to secure the screen to the wall or ceiling.
Optional wall mounts may be purchased to position the screen out from the wall in front of doors, windows or wall-mounted TV.

Warranty and Spare Parts
1 year warranty against defects in materials & workmanship. Spare parts are maintained in our Australian warehouse

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1 year Year Warranty